About Us

Mission Statement

This is a unique community which aims to combine the traditional go-green practices with the spiritual aspect of going ‘green’. Some of our goals include:

  1. Promote awareness and provide guidelines for the daily implementation of the 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse) concept.
    • Reduce the consumption of resources
    • Reuse the products/material
    • Recycle the material if it cannot be reused
    • Refuse plastic/Styrofoam packing
  2. Encourage participation in community level activities such as neighborhood and beach cleanup and tree planting.
  3. Encourage participation in large scale projects such as sustainable housing (e.g. solar powered homes) and sustainable transportation (e.g. electric cars).
  4. Initiate and/or participate in individual and group level chanting of the Divine Name.
  5. Develop presentations and SSE lesson plans on the importance of going green and how to practice it.
  6. Develop study circle material on go-green awareness and Swami’s teachings on Nature.

Contact us: saiggh@gmail.com

Who is the Sai Go-Green team?

We are a team of individuals (mainly Young Adults) who are passionate about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Teachings on Nature, Environment and “Ceiling on Desires”. The team consists both of individuals who have careers in environment-related fields, and those who are simply passionate about the environment and its sustainability regardless of their profession.

Several Sai centers throughout the United States of America organize and participate in community environmental activities like gardening, clean-ups, gleaning, farming, tree-planting, study circles, group prayers, etc. The Sai Go-Green team also initiated the annual Sai Go-Green Week (SGGW) in 2012 to commemorate the divine love for Mother Nature.

When was the Go-Green team formed?

The USA Sai Go-Green team is a youth initiative and started as the “Go-Green house”, one of the several service houses under the “Way Forward Initiative” during the closing of the USA National Youth Conference in Chicago, IL in May, 2009. Since then, the team has actively organized community events and service projects in the area of enviro-care in addition to raising and spreading awareness.

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