2016: Report of Go-Green Initiatives in USA

Green Sai events in Region 1

Region 1 Annual Retreat, May 29-31

  • Using compostables for all meals
  • Stacking used foodwares to save space and garbage bags
  • Waste segregation

Region 1 & 2 Sailent Retreat, Oct 14-15

  • Waste Segregation
  • Using cloth napkins
  • Using reusable dinnerware when possible

Greater Boston Area Global Akhanda Bhajans November 13-14

Greater Boston Area Birthday Celebrations November 19

Green Sai events in Region 3

Atlanta Sai Center, Global Akhanda Bhajans, November 13-14

  • Separation of waste from recyclables
  • 3 meals served on steel plates
  • Used compostable spoons
  • Washed dishes by applying the  “cleaning station” concept
  • Encouraged devotees to use reusable water bottles