The Sai Go-Green Week (SGGW) is an annual celebration during the Week of Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Day (April 24) to commemorate our dear Bhagawan’s love for nature initiated by the young adult Go-Green Team of USA. Every year during this week of gratitude and remembrance, all devotees are invited to organize events and activities at their local centers and in the regions to celebrate and honor Mother Nature. The SGGW coincides with important world/national environmental events like Earth Day (April 22) and National Arbor Day (last Friday in April). In the past years, devotees have enthusiastically coordinated Envirocare events along the three wings of the organization:

  1. Education: SSE lesson plans, raising awareness through study circles based on Swami’s teachings on revering Mother Nature, presentations and workshops.
  2. Devotion: Bhajan singing and meditation in nature, study circles on man’s connection with nature, and nature retreats.
  3. Service:
    1. Using non-disposable plates, napkins, cups and silverware, and segregating trash during Sai events.  
    2. Tree-planting, mulching, gardening, gleaning, recycling and clean-up events in communities.
    3. Service at animal care shelters.

Depending on schedules, centers across the country plan events extending through the month of April.